CRC 1365 - Renoprotection 

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Here you can see a false-color representation of MRI examinations of the rat kidney. Author of the original: Andreas Pohlmann, Thoralf Niendorf - Max-Delbrueck Centrum for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association; Design: R. Möller

Welcome on the homepage of CRC 1365 Renoprotection

Welcome on the website of the collaborative research center CRC 1365 RENOPROTECTION with funding period from January 2019 until December 2022 by the German Research Foundation.

Our interdisciplinary research consortium aims to identify and target common pathways to kidney failure. It involves internists, surgeons, physiologists, pharmacologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, physicists, anatomists, and radiologists, all focusing on renoprotection. Together, we will perform basic research on isolated cells, tissue preparations, and animal models including yeast, zebrafish, rodents, and genetically engineered swine, and translate the outcomes to patient care. These research efforts will be accompanied by strategies for standardized identification and assessment of patients with AKI and CKD in the clinical setting, thus providing the basis for sustained implementation.

Our vision is to reduce the burden of kidney disease by establishing CRC 1365 Renoprotection as a comprehensive, interdisciplinary network to foster tailored therapeutic strategies aiming at the shared routes to CKD.