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DGfN 2021 - Honors and Awards

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Professor Schmidt-Ott awarded the Franz Volhard Prize

The German Society for Nephrology (DGfN) has Prof. Dr. Kai Schmidt-Ott honored with the Franz Volhard Prize – Germany's highest award in nephrology. This honors his work on kidney diseases, the molecular basis of which the kidney specialist researches - with the aim of developing better diagnostic and treatment options. The award, which is worth 10,000 euros, took place during the 13th DGfN annual conference on September 23, 2021 in Rostock. Continue reading


Poster awrds

  • P115 Modeling of continuous diffusivity spectra for the determination of the renal tubular fraction in diffusion-weighted MRI of (patho-)physiological states of the kidney.
    Gladytz T, Periquito JS, Millward JM, Ramos Delgado P, Cantow K, Grosenick D, Hummel L, Seeliger E, Waiczies S, Niendorf T; Berlin
  • P199 sGC activator runcaciguat dilates glomerular renal arteries under conditions of nitric oxide deficiency and inactivated/oxidized sGC. Xu M, Schomber T, Krahling JR, Hahn MG, Persson PB, Eitner F, Sandner P, Bénardeau A, Patzak A; Berlin, Wuppertal


Carola Neubert, Institute for Translational Physiology
Email: carola.neubert(at) 

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